How a 3PL Will Streamline Your Holiday eCommerce Fulfillment

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Online shopping is more popular than ever. As we continue to adjust our ‘new normal’ amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers prefer the safety and convenience of online shopping. And the holiday season is no exception!

With the season of giving just around the corner, you can almost feel the panic of the last-minute shoppers. Despite the year-long build up to Christmas, it seems there are always people chaotically ordering their gifts online, expecting fast and stress-free delivery. Why not let your eCommerce store be the answer? The saving grace, if you will, that’s shot down from the heavens to save consumers some holiday stress this year.

To deliver your customers with the best service throughout the holidays, a 3PL can streamline your fulfillment for eCommerce in more ways than one. Here’s how Raven Force Couriers can maximize your holiday profits:

Making a List, Checking It Twice: 3PL Inventory Management

The holiday season is not always the most predictable when it comes to the type and quantity of inventory a business will need. This depends on the location and industry of your eCommerce business, which can be difficult to navigate without the proper tools and expertise. But don’t start stress-eating those shortbread cookies quite yet. If this is a problem you face, our 3PL has the answers.

With our experience and technology, we can accurately forecast your business’s inventory needs to guide you through the holiday season. Our team can monitor supply chain to ensure your inventory count is accurate and maximized. Proper management of inventory is crucial, especially throughout the holidays. Throughout this seasonal high, we’ll keep you informed about inventory levels and assist you with removing or transferring unsold seasonal products after the holidays.

Not only will outsourcing your eCommerce fulfillment to a 3PL streamline your services, but it also allows you the time to focus on intricate business details. The one’s no one can handle better than you. Let us take care of the logistics, while you handle the innovation.

Elf Worthy Wrapping: 3PL Packaging

That’s right. Our 3PL puts elves to shame when it comes to our expert wrapping skills. With strategies in place to properly store, move, package, and deliver your products, our supply chain guarantees streamlined order fulfillment in eCommerce. Proper packaging requires an accurate assessment of inventory inflow and outflow, to ensure you have the materials needed to package and deliver products. To manage holiday demands, our facilities have the means to move high amounts of inventory at a very fast, efficient rate. All while wrapped in beautiful, protective packaging.

Guiding the Sleigh: 3PL Fulfillment Shipping

Extensive planning aside, the inventory management is irrelevant if you’re not able to deliver the orders. Especially throughout the holidays, tensions are high when it comes to timely and reliable delivery. Ensure your inventory graces their place under the Christmas tree; our Final Mile Delivery service is fine-tuned and ready to go. Not only do we promise fast delivery – including next-day shipping across Canada – but friendly, transparent services as well. We’ll keep you and your customers up to date on the whereabouts of their holiday orders. Not only to ensure they arrive at their destination on time, but  in perfect, gift giving condition as well.

Additionally, we help manage the return process. The more orders your eCommerce business is fulfilling, the higher the chance of returns. We’ve worked hard to optimize our return management process to bring any inconvenience to a minimum throughout the holidays. Whether we handle the logistics directly or integrate your own process into our system, our 3PL will streamline the process.

Forget Santa, Partner with Raven Force Couriers

From managing inventory and packaging your products to providing additional support to your customers throughout the delivery process, there’s no reason to navigate the holiday season alone. With Raven Force Couriers, we offer exceptional services throughout every step of the eCommerce order fulfillment process. We understand the holidays are a stressful time. However, our round the clock customer support will keep the mayhem to a minimum. Leave the logistics to Raven Force Couriers this holiday season and be in touch today!

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