Final Mile Delivery

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Last Mile Delivery in Canada

Final mile delivery or last-mile deliveries consists of making every delivery fast, safe and done with the most friendly customer experience possible. Get it delivered when you need, choose from express, same-day or scheduled delivery. Our network of fleet operators and professional drivers are prepared to fulfill all your deliveries or returns. You can track your delivery in real time online or you can get updates by SMS. The worse thing that could happen is your product doesn't get delivered when it says it has been, don't worry! At Raven Force Couriers we have our driver’s take photos through out the delivery, so there is a visual record of the goods at every stage.

Last Mile Spend Tracking

You can keep track of all your costs and clearly identify spending peaks in real-time.

Contactless Delivery

Safety is our first priority for everyone on the road and for every neighbourhood we drive by. All our drivers are trained on new safety protocols and are more than capable to do deliveries completely contactless.

What is Last Mile Delivery?

Choosing a last mile carrier is a critical step in the delivery process as it ensures retailers keep up with the increasing consumer demand for speedy shipping. When an order is placed, our fleet of last mile delivery vehicles will move packaged products from the storage facility to its final destination – which is typically a personal residence or retail store.  As a last mile delivery company, we offer services that deliver a retailer’s products to its customers quickly and efficiently.

How Does Last Mile Delivery Work?

Last or final mile delivery is the last leg of the process to getting your products in the hands of the consumer. It’s the final transportation of goods from a distribution hub to the final delivery destination – usually either a residential or retail location. Last mile delivery is a crucial step of order fulfillment as it creates a lasting impression upon your customers.

After an order has been placed, picked, and packaged, it’s time for the final step: delivery. This involves a few crucial steps to optimize delivery and protect your business, your customers, and the courier.

    1. Parcels are Assigned

    Orders are designated to a delivery courier depending on the routes they drive and address of the recipient.

    2. Parcels are Scanned

    Prior to being loaded into the delivery vehicle, the parcels are scanned so that status updates can be sent to your business and the end recipient.

    3. Proof of Delivery

    The last step! The order is successfully delivered to the final recipient and proof of delivery is obtained. This is usually in the form of a photograph to ensure that the parcel was delivered to the correct address and completes the order fulfillment process (unless a return is required).

    Why Last Mile Delivery is Important?

    Last mile delivery is the final step in the fulfillment process and is, therefore, the last impression your customer will receive regarding this order. It’s important to make it a good one! With fast service, safe delivery, and couriers who prioritize recipient satisfaction, your customer will receive the highest level of service.

    The goal of our efficient final mile delivery service is to deliver the package to the consumer as quickly as possible. An integral aspect of our 3PL services, final mile delivery is key to building customer satisfaction and loyalty. At Raven Force Couriers, our final mile delivery service will allow both your business and the consumer to receive live updates online or through SMS messaging.

    Delivery services are often the most expensive and time-consuming elements of order processing; therefore, it needs to be executed efficiently. Your business can save time and money when last mile is done properly. You can increase profits and business productivity by choosing our final mile delivery service. Ship straight from our 3PL fulfillment center to your consumer.

    we offer a last-mile delivery service to save companies time and money

    Choose final mile delivery service if you’re needing:

    • Fast Delivery
    • Precise Order Tracking
    • Order Security and Insurance
    • Specialization
    • Convenience

    Why You Need Final Mile Delivery Carriers?


    • Can be delivered in less than 3 hours within 30kms
    • Orders have to be made within our delivery hours
    • Small, Medium or Large vehicle deliveries only

    Same Day

    • Delivered in the same day as your order within 30kms
    • Orders made before 12pm will be delivered before 5pm
    • Small, Medium or Large vehicle deliveries only


    • Schedule within a 3 hour window for when the order is needed
    • Small, Medium, Large or Specialty vehicle deliveries
    our last mile delivery couriers help you delivery your final mile service to your customers

    Last Mile Delivery Cost in Canada

    Since delivery is the final and most critical step of the order fulfillment process, choosing the right team of last mile delivery partners is crucial. Making the costs of working with a good last mile delivery company substantial. However, as a complete 3PL, we can offer several money saving opportunities when handling multiple steps of a seller’s order fulfillment. From storing and picking to processing and packaging, working with a fulfillment centre that also functions as a last mile delivery company can keep shipping costs to a minimum.

    We are your Canada-Wide Last Mile Delivery Partners

    The last mile carriers you choose will not only act as a delivery service but will also be the face of your brand with consumers. So, it’s important to carefully consider which company you trust to adequately represent your brand when face-to-face with your clientele.

    When you choose Raven Force Couriers, you’re getting a team of last mile delivery partners who prioritizes professionalism, transparency, and friendliness. As a last mile delivery company, we offer speedy shipping across Canada, with the option of same-day to next-day to scheduled delivery.

    As a business that handles every stage of eCommerce fulfillment, you are not just getting a last mile delivery company to transport goods. Instead, you are a partnering with a streamlined logistics service, equipped to handle inventory storage, picking, processing, packaging, and cost-effective last mile delivery.  When you put your trust in us, we promise to uphold your company’s image and exceed customer expectations to secure lifetime brand loyalty.

    How Do Last-Mile Delivery Providers Minimize Cost?

    To maximize efficiency and reduce costs, Raven Force Couriers’ last-mile logistics solution utilizes the latest software on the market. This creates a streamlined shipping and delivery process for both the last-mile delivery provider and the consumer. As one of the top last-mile delivery providers in Canada, Raven Force Couriers is continuously searching for ways to further optimize their fulfillment chain and reduce overall costs.

    What goes into the costs of using a last-mile logistics solution? The main contributing factors are:

    • Fuel
    • Labour
    • Vehicle Maintenance
    • Environmental and Congestion
    • Storage
    • Reverse Logistics
    • Idling
    the last mile is an important parameter for logistics and delivery

    To minimize your overall costs, Raven Force Couriers uses delivery route optimization software that navigates the most efficient routes for delivery. This provides your last-mile delivery provider with live data regarding traffic jams, poor weather, construction zones, and more. Therefore, no disruption on the road will interfere with Raven Force Couriers’ seamless delivery process.

    This last-mile delivery software also allows customers to update the time and location of their deliveries in real time. This flexibility reduces the need for additional delivery attempts, minimizing costs and increasing customer convenience.

    Advantages of Having a Last-Mile Partner

    Consumers expect their orders to be delivered quickly, with minimal interruptions to their day. To achieve this, last-mile delivery providers need to integrate a streamlined shipping process from start to end. Raven Force Couriers’ advanced last-mile delivery software and friendly, professional personnel will help your business:

    • Minimize human error with automated systems and updated technology to streamline repetitive tasks in the delivery process.
    • Adopt a dynamic delivery software to display road delays and provide the most efficient, time-crunching routes.
    • Have complete control and visibility into the last-mile delivery process and status of all orders.
    • Improve communication between the customer and our last-mile delivery provider to optimize order management.
    • Provide flexible options to customers to adjust the date and location of their deliveries in real-time.
    • Present a variety of payment options to improve customer experience, such as pay-on-delivery.
    • Optimize customer experience by providing the friendliest of services throughout every step of the last-mile delivery process.


    Why is Last Mile Delivery Important for Businesses?

    Not only does last mile delivery provide seamless transportation between the distribution hub to recipient, it’s also quicker and more cost-effective. The higher the level of service, the more chance your business has at building and maintaining customer loyalty. If customers have to wait too long for their orders, you risk losing them to a different seller.

    What is the “Last Mile Challenge?”

    The “last mile challenge” is the process of minimizing shipping costs while optimizing efficiency of deliveries. Advances in technology have allowed consumers to track their parcels in real time, revealing the potential inefficiencies many shipping carriers struggle to overcome. This is because many carriers make multiple stops several kilometers apart with low drop sizes. However, as a last mile delivery company, we address these issues by optimizing routes for our last mile delivery vehicles. Whether the destination is rural or urban, we combine orders and plan routes to minimize the issue of traffic congestion, lengthy distance between drop-off points, and unnecessary back and forth.

    How Can I Improve My Last Mile Delivery Service?

    You can improve your last mile delivery service by partnering with a 3PL such as Raven Force Couriers. This can minimize costs and increase delivery speeds.

    How Can Last Mile Delivery Be Optimized?

    Technology. Having the proper infrastructure in place is key to a successful last mile delivery service. The following factors greatly impact a final mile delivery company’s quality of service:

    • Route planning increases efficiency and cuts down delivery times.
    • Increased transparency through obtaining proof of delivery greatly impacts customer satisfaction.

    Offering express and same-day shipping gives more options to your customers who may be working within tight timeframes.

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