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our 3PL logistic service include shipping your carrier to your clients

What is 3PL Logistic?

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) means that there is a third party involved in a company's logistics operations, in addition to the shipper, receiver and carrier. The 3PL Logistics does not, however, take any ownership of the products being shipped. 3PLs have become a key component in the entire supply chain of many brands. We take the orders and the third-party logistics provider will fulfil them. It is an extremely simple and seamless process. Customers never have any second thoughts about the handoff between received orders and their fulfilment. Supply chain operations use logistics service providers, such as Raven Force Couriers, to outsource fulfillment and distribution to optimize the fulfillment process.

When Do You Need 3PL Warehouse?

Rather than procrastinate, get ahead of your business growth by working with experienced, streamlined fulfillment centers. With increasing consumer demand, it's important to get ahead of any potential supply chain problems. Breaking the fulfillment promises you've made with your customers can be detrimental to your brand. It will also become a barrier to you reaching the full potential of your business as it's blocking you from growth.

Instead, partner with a team of lead logistics providers who can provide third-party warehouse space, accept and fulfill orders, provide custom packaging, reduce shipping costs, and optimize delivery and returns while providing overall cost savings. Plus, you still have complete control over your brand and eCommerce store but with an added layer of support from a trusted fulfillment center.

Third-party logistics companies are frequently employed in the field of logistics and supply chain management to delegate a firm's shipping and order fulfillment processes. Such responsibilities can include:

  • Transportation services
  • Warehouse storage
  • Materials procurement
  • Inventory management
  • Customs brokerage
  • Freight audit
  • Payment
  • Shipment with improved tracking metrics
  • Reverse logistics solutions to handle returns
  • And more

Owing to these functionalities, a 3PL typically becomes a part of a business's warehouse management and transportation procedures, ensuring a complete and efficient delivery process.

Is 3PL Logistic and Warehouse Right For You?

Are you running out of pricy inventory storage space?

Compare your current expenses with estimates from third party logistics 3pl. Brands tend to exclude storage costs in their fulfilment expense calculations, which you don't want to do. Determine if bundling storage costs with obtained fulfilment is a better value for your business.

Are you fulfilling more than 10-20 orders a day?

If yes, you want to calculate the costs of partnering with a 3PL to keep your profit margins strong and sturdy. Then estimate the potential growth (opportunities you are not currently able to pursue). If your answer is no, it is not yet time to add 3PL to your team.

Can your infrastructure handle the demand?

If you are expecting an ongoing spike in order volume, not just as a one-time rise in sales or marketing promotions then you want to estimate the costs and headcount that is necessary to meet the demand on your own. Then compare with the costs of outsourcing fulfilment.

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Types of 3PL Logistics and Warehouse Providers

Vancouver Third-Party Logistics Services

Offer brands an end-to-end solution our courier vans in big factory for your 3PL warehouse fulfillmentthat gets orders to your customers as easily and quickly as possible.

Third-party logistics ensures you have the correct merchandise at the right location so the orders ship faster and cheaper. Full-service 3PL warehouse fulfillment offers:

  • Inventory Intelligence
  • Brand fulfillment experience
  • Easy interaction
  • Same-day fulfilment

3PL Warehousing Distribution

You’ll need a larger network of 3PL warehouses if you are going to be promising customers advanced delivery. You will also require accurately forecast inventory levels to suitably stock warehouses in your network.


Transportation-based 3PL shuttles between locations are a smart choice. They can transport inventory between your factory and 3PL warehouse. If considering a parcel transportation provider have the following in mind:

  1. Origin location
  2. Destination location
  3. Timeframes
  4. Shipping methods
  5. Shipping zones
  6. Service levels
  7. Pricing and discounts
  8. Taxes/export taxes and duties
  9. Tracking technology such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and global positioning system (GPS)

3PL Logistics Services in Vancouver

At Raven Force Couriers, we are equipped to handle your company’s logistics needs in a way that cuts cost, improves performance, and optimizes supply chain. As your business grows, complexities surrounding warehousing and distribution can take away the crucial parts of your core business, such as sales, marketing, and development. To optimize your time and energy towards your company’s growth, our third-party logistics service in Vancouver is here to help.

As your one-stop solution between order fulfillment and final-mile delivery, Raven Force Couriers ensures that your product distribution is handled by experienced and equipped third-party logistics professionals. As supply-chain experts, we can handle the changing needs of your company and adapt accordingly. Our logistics company in Vancouver allows you to customize packaging, control the quality of products, and deliver every order in a safe and timely manner. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, our goal is to win consumer loyalty on your behalf, maximizing your income while minimizing losses. With our combination of innovative equipment and skilled experts, we are proud to provide the most superior third-party logistics services in Vancouver.

Our warehouse located in Vancouver can provide 3pl logistic service.


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