We are now available to offer next-day delivery across Canada!

That's right! place your orders by 2 pm and have it delivered across Canada the very next day.

Raven Force Order Fulfillment Steps

  1. Online Order Submitted
    • Description: Customers can easily place their orders through our user-friendly online platform. Orders can be submitted using either a computer or a mobile phone, providing flexibility and convenience. The platform is designed to ensure a seamless ordering process, with clear instructions and real-time order tracking.
    • Benefits: Convenient access from anywhere, easy navigation, instant order confirmation.
  2. Pick & Pack
    • Description: Once an order is received, our team at the Raven Force warehouse swiftly moves into action. The ordered items are carefully picked from our inventory and packed securely to ensure they remain safe and intact during transit. Our warehouse staff is trained to handle a wide variety of products, ensuring that each item is packed with care.
    • Benefits: Quick order processing, careful handling of products, secure packaging.
  3. Products Arrive at Sort Station
    • Description: After the pick and pack process, the packages are transported to our sort station. Here, we meticulously organize the packages based on their destination and delivery priority. This step is crucial for streamlining the delivery process and ensuring that each package reaches the correct location.
    • Benefits: Efficient organization, accurate sorting, preparation for next steps.
  4. Sort on Pallets
    • Description: The sorted packages are then placed onto pallets. This palletization process helps in managing the packages more effectively during transportation. Each pallet is labeled with the destination information, ensuring that all packages are grouped correctly for the next phase of the journey.
    • Benefits: Organized handling, easier transportation, reduced risk of misplacement.
  5. Forklifted into Our Vans
    • Description: The pallets are carefully loaded into our fleet of delivery vehicles using forklifts. Our fleet includes various types of vehicles, such as vans, cargo vans, and ½ tonne trucks, to accommodate different sizes and quantities of shipments. The use of forklifts ensures that the loading process is efficient and safe.
    • Benefits: Safe and efficient loading, diverse vehicle options, preparation for dispatch.
  6. Out for Delivery
    • Description: Once loaded, the packages are dispatched for delivery. Our experienced couriers navigate the most efficient routes to ensure timely delivery. The fleet is equipped with GPS tracking, allowing us to monitor the delivery process in real-time and provide updates to customers.
    • Benefits: Timely dispatch, real-time tracking, efficient routing.
  7. Delivered to Your Destination
    • Description: The final step is the delivery of the package to the customer's specified destination. Whether it's a home address, business address, or PO Box, our couriers ensure that each package is delivered safely and securely. We also offer delivery confirmation notifications, giving customers peace of mind that their package has arrived.
    • Benefits: Reliable delivery, delivery confirmation, flexible destination options.

Why Choose Raven Force Couriers?

Reliability and Speed: Our next-day delivery service is designed to ensure your packages arrive quickly and safely, no matter where they need to go in Canada.

Advanced Tracking: We use the latest technology to provide real-time updates on your delivery status, so you always know where your package is.

Professional Service: Our team of experienced couriers is dedicated to providing courteous and professional service at every step of the delivery process.

Flexible Solutions: From small parcels to large shipments, we offer flexible delivery options to meet the unique needs of your business.

Nationwide Reach: With our expansive network, we are capable of delivering packages to the most remote areas in Canada, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

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