Why a Medium-Sized 3PL Company Can Offer You the Best

Raven Force provides the highest quality eCommerce fulfillment service

Large companies are easily distracted by other clients and sometimes come with a large price tag. Smaller companies, while able to promise you more attention, can sometimes struggle to keep up when demand increases. A medium-sized company is often your best bet when choosing a third-party logistics company. We’re equipped to handle the distribution of your e-commerce products efficiently and affordably.

We offer a partnership, not just a service

A mid-size 3PL company like Raven Force Couriers is able to offer personalized service. We’re here to answer any and all questions so that your business can run as efficiently as possible. Once your account is established, we can also help suggest process improvements so that your business’s fulfillment program can run even more effectively. We recognize that businesses don’t always run exactly as planned and can offer flexibility when your plans change. A business partnership that is built on transparency, trust, and good communication cannot be discounted.

We offer advanced technology

Unlike the little guys, we’re able to offer new technology like the big companies offer, minus the price tag. The industry is constantly changing and we’ve kept up. We use inventory management software (IMS) that connects all components of the distribution process—from inventory and ordering to fulfillment—so that all of our clients are able to stay in the know and their information is transparent to them.

We grow with our clients

Our company has grown as our clients have grown and it’s in our best interest for you to succeed as it allows us to further service you. As our clients’ needs have grown, we’ve adapted by adding new services. We’ve established multiple channels offering both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) capabilities. As we’ve interacted with a variety of clients, we’ve grown our proficiency in a variety of arenas. As a result, we are comfortable working with many different types of products, storage, containers, schedules, modes of transportation, and load sizes.

We are more nimble than large companies

Because a mid-size company is the size it is, we can make changes to plans quicker and adapt to your needs as we go. At a large e-commerce fulfillment company, you’ll have to wait as your request climbs up the order of rank. At a mid-size company like Raven Force Couriers, there is less “red tape”, so to speak. Make changes, be flexible, and adapt as you need. We promise you we’ll be able to keep up.

We have more resources than smaller companies

Unlike a small company that’s just starting out, we have the resources and labor to keep up as your needs change and grow. Additionally, we have the experience to expertly maneuver it all without making any mistakes. Although larger fulfillment companies will have the same resources and labor available, they will always prioritize their largest client when it comes to allocating their resources. If you want personalized servicing and the ability to grow alongside a company that wants to grow with you, a mid-size company is your best choice.

We care about our employees

We treat our employees well and provide an environment for growth. This same culture is passed on in our interactions with you – our clients. A happy employee is a clear-minded employee who cares about the work they do. A good working relationship starts at home; we do what we can to ensure all of our employees are well taken care of.

We offer cross-country servicing

Unlike the little guys, we have warehouses in every province and territory across Canada. If you’re looking for regional servicing that cuts up-front costs and offers next-day Canada wide shipping, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s documents or packages, we have you covered anywhere you need us to be.

A mid-size 3PL company is your best choice if you’re looking for supply chain experts with the experience and size to offer your team personalized servicing. We’ll put your business first always and grow and evolve as your needs grow and evolve, too. If you’re looking for a partner, not just a service, and a transparent team that is there for you around the clock, you’ve come to the right place.