The Importance of Customer Experience for 3PLs

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Customer experience is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all types. And those working in last-mile logistics and ecommerce fulfillment are no exception. Excellent customer experience is a crucial part of running a successful business these days. It’s also one of the main things that separates an average fulfillment company from one that is truly exceptional.

Here we’ll discuss the importance of customer experience for last-mile delivery providers and ecommerce fulfillment companies. Also, how to measure the quality of your customer experience and improve it.

The importance of customer experience

Customer experience is one of the keys to running a successful logistics company. Not only will it help ensure you generate profit today, but also continue to do so well into the future. Providing top-notch customer experience to your clients does two main things in order to increase your profits:

The first is that your clients are happy with your service. Therefore, they will decide to continue doing business with you rather than finding other companies to work with. This reduces customer churn and lowers your expenses as you receive client work without having to put forth as much effort. For example, you get used to working with the same clients, improving the efficiency with which you offer your services.

The second is that happy clients not only come back to you in the future but bring in more. How? By telling other businesses they’re in contact with about your services, they market for you. This again reduces your expenses as you don’t need to spend as much effort finding new clients. Rather, you can have them come to you through referrals. These clients are also more likely to be easier to work with as they already have some trust in you.

Obviously, both of these are immensely important when running a successful logistics company. A good customer experience may be the key that offers you years of consistent and dependable work with clients who trust you and keep new clients coming to you.

Measuring the quality of your customer experience

In order to provide an excellent customer experience, you must first understand the quality of your current customer experience. This will allow you to understand what you do well. More importantly, it will reveal what needs to be improved. You’ll find that most customers will love to share their feedback, both negative and positive, as it makes them feel valued. In fact, having your customers share their feedback about your customer experience is in itself an important part of a positive customer experience.

Feedback can be gathered through a variety of methods. Whether through online surveys, your website, a chat bot, social media, or even by phone. Both open-ended and closed-ended questions are important in understanding the full picture. Collecting general feedback on an ongoing basis is important in order to identify issues as they come up and address them as soon as possible.

It may also sometimes be helpful to try to collect customer feedback about specific parts of your business if you’re considering making certain changes.

Improving your customer experience for ecommerce fulfillment

It’s crucial to always work on improving both your core services and the customer experience associated with those services.

Acting on the customer feedback you receive in a timely manner is a very tangible way of improving your customer experience. Customers will feel valued knowing that the feedback they took their time to share was heard and acted upon. Create training and development processes that address customer feedback and ensure all team-members recognize the importance of making the changes you’ve identified.

When it makes sense to do so, use technology to simplify the customer experience. Technology is an excellent way to provide customers with up-to-date information in real-time which is also a great way to save you time and money. This ensures your interactions with customers are focused and valuable to both you and them. This is increasingly being expected for all businesses, especially those working in ecommerce fulfillment.

Perhaps the most important thing is to maintain the idea that “the customer is always right.” Although this can be difficult at times, keeping this in mind will ensure your customer experience is incredible and, as discussed, will help increase your long-term profits.